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Kenyan Real Estate

Kenyan Millionaire Real Estate Agent Course


We know that you want a successful, profitable Real Estate business so you can have freedom.  We know that’s your ultimate dream and that’s what you think about everyday as a Real Estate agent.


We know you are overwhelmed.  We know you are overwhelmed by running a Real Estate business, by running an office, and now you are concerned about improving profits.  We know that you are being pulled in many directions.


There’s a premier group; a small group of less than 5% of all Real Estate agents that are making handsome profits while you’re not.  So, it is possible.


Hey, it’s not your fault that you don’t have the Real Estate business of your dreams yet. No one has shown you the way, so far.


We know it’s hard enough to run a profitable Real Estate business but it becomes even more difficult when scammers are making it hard on you by meddling with representation, making it harder for buyers and seller to use your Real Estate services.  So, how in the world are you supposed to run a successful Real Estate Business?

  • Do you want more Real Estate clients?
  • Do you want Real Estate clients to use your services?
  • Do you want clients to use your Real Estate services more consistently?
  • Do you want clients to use more of the Real Estate service you offer?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then get your FREE trial NOW! 




Are you still not sure?  Keep Reading.


Here are the course contents.

  • Module 01: Foundation Building: This module helps you in developing the mindset to achieve massive success in your real estate business.
  • Module 02: New Age Marketing: Here you will discover the new rules about marketing your real estate business in this economy.
  • Module 03: Attraction Marketing Strategy: You will know more about sales messages that magnetically attract the perfect buyers & sellers.
  • Module 04: Lead Generation Marketing Strategy: In this module you will know about building huge lists of eager and ready-to-act leads.
  • Module 05: Constant Customer Contact Strategy: This module will help you in generating massive profits from follow-up marketing.
  • Module 06: The Ultimate Conversion System: This module will help you to create your roadmap to reach all of your goals.
  • Module 07: Loyalty Program Marketing Strategy: This module will guide you how to practically guarantee that your clients hire you when they buy or sell.
  • Module 08: Referral Program Marketing Strategy: This module will guide you how to turn your customers into raving fans that grow your sales.
  • Module 09: Strategic Marketing Alliances Strategy: This module will help you to make explosive profit growth through marketing partnerships.
  • Module 10: Website & Internet Alliances Strategy: This module will guide you using the power of the internet to double your sales.

Are you ready to act?